Grading and Building

  • Raw Land
  • Graded
  • Surveyed Land for Tunnels
  • Construction
Raw Land1 Graded2 Surveyed Land for Tunnels3 Materials4 Construction5
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Raw land was acquired that had the typical rolling hills typography on the region.

Grading was done to have a slope of no more than 2% for the farm fields

The slope is important if high tunnels are to be used. If the high tunnels or polytunnels are 200 feet long and the slope is 1% the difference between the beginning of the tunnels to the end would be 2 feet. Anything over 4 feet could cause issues with the high tunnel design.

It is recommended to have a survey done on where the polytunnels are to be placed to assure the structure is straight.

High Tunnels were constructed covering close to an acre under plastic.

Growing and Planting

We grow the transplants in our greenhouse to get ready for the next planting. Before we transplant we spread compost, condition the soil and lay the plastic with drip irrigation

Loading the waterwheel with the transplants grown in the greenhouse. Once loaded farmers sit in the seats while the tractor is moving and place the plants in the hole the waterwheel makes. We place water and fish emulsion in the tanks to give the plants a boost

Once the plants are in the ground we fertilize and prepare trellising if need

Mature Plants and Produce

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