Nutrition and Taste Initiative Proposal

Pineywoods Farm is actively seeking partners to work on the Nutrition and Taste Initiative Proposal. This proposal includes growing and researching the benefits of consuming food that is grown with an emphasis of taste and nutrition.

The Goal

Work in unison with experts in their selective field to develop a diet that addresses the nutritional needs of patients afflicted with life threatening diseases including but not limited to cancer, blood disorders and cronic disease management, including diabetes, hypertenstion and obesity. The Hospital Partner can convey the nutritional needs of the patients to Pineywoods Farm which will grow, package and deliver the food at no charge to the patients or hospital. Pineywoods will seek the advice of master breeders at universities to grow the best varieties which will focus on nutrition and taste. The Culinary Partner can supply the culinary expertise to process the food and develop easy to follow recipes.

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